Coffee Tables and their Formal Function

A coffee table is simply a high, flat table intended to be put in a general sitting room for the convenience of use of books, remote controls, beverages, decorative items, and other items. In modern homes, coffee tables are often used as end tables or side tables. Some designs feature additional storage compartments. A wide range of styles and finishes is available in most furniture stores.
Coffee tables can also be called cocktail tables, extending up to the height of the table, or their lower end referred to as barstools. These tables often come with matching ottomans for holding a drink. This type of table is very popular in bars and restaurants because they have dual purposes – as a place to sit and a place to rest drinks. Most cocktail tables have thick wood or metal legs, with square or rectangular bases, and thick cushioned tops with long, tapered leaves. They are usually painted white, though some use expensive fabrics for the tops.
Wood coffee tables are one of the most popular styles. There are coffee tables with genuine wood grains that are long-lasting, requiring little or no maintenance. These wooden designs are available in almost any color of wood and can feature many different textures, from the traditional distressed look to the more modern oily finished look. The wood may be stained in a variety of colors or left in its natural state, requiring no finish.
Glass coffee tables are usually made out of sturdy metal. While the metal may be clear or colored like wood, the look is still distinguished by the shape of the top. The most common shape for these pieces is round, although you will find them in many other shapes, including octagon, rectangle, and square. The tops of glass coffee tables may be embellished with cut glass beads, crystals, and other decorating stones. The only real limitation to the design possibilities is the thickness of the glass and the thickness of the piece of furniture itself. While solid glass is heavy, tempered glass allows for more flexibility; therefore, there is more room for creativity with design on this type of table.
Most rectangular coffee tables come in two basic styles, square and rectangular. The square design is most common and often uses a single piece of furniture as its shape. (This style is also the least expensive.) Rectangular-shaped tables are also available in oval, round, and heart-shaped shapes.
For an elegant, classic look, consider using metal or glass coffee tables. These options are available in just about every shape and color imaginable, and they do not require the upkeep of cleaning or polishing as traditional wood pieces do. However, there are a few important things to keep in mind when selecting a table of this type. Firstly, always make sure the table fits well with the style of furniture it is matched with, as heavy materials such as metal and glass can sometimes cause discomfort when sitting in one position for a long period.

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